Koinup And Moviestorm Present "The 1 Minute Machinima Contest"

Koinup, the virtual world and machinima social network and Moviestorm, the 3D movie making software application, are delighted to announce "The 1 Minute Machinima Contest".

Koinup founder Pierluigi Casolari and Moviestorm founder Matt Kelland launched the competition in order to promote Koinup to Moviestorm's community of amateur movie-makers, and to bring awareness of Moviestorm to Koinup's clientele of machinima
creators and digital artists.
The competition is part of a large partnerhsip between Koinup and Moviestorm, aimed at empower the machinima community scene and leveraging the machinima art creation.


The competition is open to machinimists throughout the world. Create a short video, 1 minute length (or less), on any subject, in any language, and post the results on Koinup! Anything goes - it can be funny, exciting, dramatic, or whatever you like.

The only rule is that you have to create it with Moviestorm. Moviestorm software is free to download
for a 30 days trial (Mac or Windows XP/Vista/7), after which a membership is required to use the application.

Both if you're already involved in the Moviestorm community or if you're new to it, you can join the contest and win the competition!
You can add to the pool both new and old videos, what does matter is that the videos must be under 1 minute lenght, they must be impressive, funny, well executed and capture the attention of the audience. Videos must be an original creation, made up by you, by using contents you have the right to publish.

The videos will be judged by a panel of jury made up by Jordi R. Cardona - Hiperia3D News editor -, Matt Kelland - Moviestorm CEO -, and Poid Mahovlich - Koinup blog editor and machinima expert -.

The winner will receive a one year subscription to Moviestorm Premium Service, and will be promoted on both the Moviestorm and Koinup websites. Runners up will also be promoted on both sites.

Submissions start today May 11, and deadline is 1st of June. Winners will be announced on June 7.
There will be one absolute winner and some honorary mentions.

Taking part is as simple as this: join Koinup, download Moviestorm at www.moviestorm.net , import your youtube video to Koinup, join the "1 minute machinima contest" and add your videos to the pool..

Visit the contest page and rules at: http://www.koinup.com/group/1-minute-machinima-contest/

About Moviestorm
Moviestorm is the complete 3D movie making software application for all abilities. Whether your movie interest is cartoons, crime, music, horror, video blogs, kids shows, romance, action or anything else, Moviestorm provides the ideal solution. Unlike game-based machinima tools, Moviestorm is designed as a virtual movie studio from the ground up, and there are no issues with copyright. Moviestorm's radical pricing system allows customers to buy it outright or subscribe on a monthly basis for just $7.99 / €6.49 / £4.99. Content packs are also available for rental by the day or the month, which gives film-makers maximum flexibility at minimum cost. This enables Moviestormers to get started quickly and try out all the different packs without a large cash outlay.

About Koinup
Koinup is the leading web 2.0 social media site dedicated to virtual art, machinima and virtual world contentSince launch, Koinup's goal has been the promotion and encouragement of virtual world culture and machinima development, providing users the ability to share any kind of media, aggregate, create groups and discuss in discussion boards. With over 30.000 registered members, Koinup represents one of the most important web portals dedicated to virtual worlds.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

© by Jordi R. Cardona. Link to this post without copying the text.

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