Genetica Texture Pack 6 and Viewer 3.5

Spiral Graphics Inc. has released its sixth free seamless texture pack, with 136 path and plant textures that can be used royalty-free in game, movie, and other art-related projects.

The new pack makes extensive use of the texture synthesis ability recently added to Genetica 3.5.  Texture synthesis allows artists to easily create seamless textures from photographs.


Genetica Viewer, Spiral Graphics' free texture rendering tool, has also been updated to version 3.5.  The updated Viewer is able to open texture files created with version 3.5 of Genetica, meaning that it too can now render textures based on photographic sources.

Texture Pack 6 is available at

Genetica Viewer 3.5 is available at

Spiral Graphics Inc. is a software development firm focused on creating innovative software tools for the computer graphics community.

If you didn’t, read the review about their fantastic texture creation suite: Genetica 3.5

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