eGovernment Test In Barcelona

I usually wonder why governments don't take more step towards direct democracy, that is the true and only democracy possible at the long term, and I usually found no reasons but despotism and greed.
In Barcelona, Spain, the local government made a voting test that is part of an effort to make a more direct democracy. They asked about the future of one of the main avenues of the metropolis.
The citizen had 108 voting points and they also may vote through Internet at home. The voting ended on May 16, and the result was: leave the avenue as it is.

Sobre el cel de Barcelona

Photo by SlapBcn
If you look at the photos of the avenue, you see it's all full of tall trees, it has good places to have a walk, and a lot of traffic. Obviously, the citizens were wise and didn't want to sacrifice their comfort for something that has no sense, killing lots of trees, arrive late at work, and so on.

Obviously, at the government of Barcelona they are quite frustrated, but the most absurd reaction comes from the press. Many journalists say it was not right to ask, that this is a failure, that people should only vote every 4 years in the elections...

And I wonder, this is democracy, isn't it? You just give people the freedom to decide about the things that affect them, and everybody should accept their decision.

Despite all the criticism arisen, the Barcelona experience is a success, and shows us that direct democracy is possible and may be progressively being adopted until it reaches most of the decisions that affect our daily life, and don't delegate them in rulers or economists.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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