3DXplorer Incorporates VOIP With No Download Required

Altadyn announced the first solution for voice-enabled 3D immersive collaboration platform for virtual meetings and events with no down-load required.

3DXplorer consolidates as a fundamental and powerful solution for corporate and business communications becoming the first solution for VOIP in a virtual scenery that requires no download. You just give your attendees an url for the scenery, as simple as that.

Altadyn, the developer of 3DXplorer®, the first browser-based plug-in-less 3D platform for live collaboration, announced today its in-world VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution, in addition to already existing Skype®  integration and the traditional Conference Calling parallel channels. The company’s in house developed technology is the only 3D immersive voice enabled platform which runs in a browser, with absolutely no download needed, and does not require to open any communication port, making it the most enterprise-friendly solution and particularly adapted to restricted IT environments, such as those of medium and large corporations, as well as government and defense agencies and organizations.

“We evaluated several VOIP technologies on the market, but they all require that the end-users download a client software. We believe that 3D web conferencing and virtual events markets will become mainstream only if they are easy to use, and accessible to all… that’s why we developed our own java based VOIP technology which works seamlessly in the browser. To attend a meeting, just press on the invitation link you receive by e-mail and enter; you’ll immediately hear the attendees voice; nothing to install, no other action required.” - Darius Lahoutifard, Altadyn's CEO.

Beside the cutting edge VOIP feature, the new release, 3DXplorer V5.3, also includes:

  • 2 weeks free trial for all 3DXplorer products
  • New meeting planner with invitation text supporting 8 different languages for 3DX/Online Meeting and 3DX/Conferencing
  • Customized invitation templates for 3DX/Online Meeting and 3DX/Conferencing
  • Drastically enhanced features for software developers using 3DX/API

The new feature is being used for the first time publicly during the NDU / FCVW 2010 conference, titled: “Collaboration: The Roadmap Forward”, taking place physically at the National Defense University in Washington D.C. and virtually on 3DXplorer on May 13th
and 14th, 2010:


About Altadyn 
Altadyn leads the next generation of collaborative solutions by enabling a new type of user experience (Immersive 3D), leveraging its cutting edge web3D platform for live collaboration, accessible to all. It's a disruptive technology which enables full 3D immersive spaces with simple browsers on any computer, with no download or installation required. Altadyn customers include NDU / FCVW (National Defense University), Saint-Gobain (NYSE Euronext: SGO), Cubic (NYSE: CBC), Aptima, Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) , CAP GEMINI and more. Altadyn operates globally with offices in Irvine, California, and Paris, France. For more information, visit www.3DXplorer.com

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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