Vivaty Will Shut Down On April 16. Final Party.

Friday the 16th of April: will completely shut down. These words announce the end of another virtual world, that falls victim of the crisis and the enormous cost of maintenance of these kind of business.

Read the blog post here and info about the last Vivaty party:
Lots of VWs have disappeared in the last year, and I thought that Vivaty was the multiuser solution in X3D that may survive, now I see they can't. 

I recommended them as X3D plugin for X3D in the docs of a software that I released, and was not even announced (NppX3D), seems it’s too late now.

I think that in some time, the only vw that will survive will be ActiveWorlds. And maybe Second Life if they decrease their size and their expenses.
I think these kind of business can’t survive if they don’t incorporate some kind of pay-per-play model, like ActiveWorlds does.

For most of us, this is also the requiem for a dream, multiuser virtual worlds based on X3D, and also a great loss because Vivaty was innovative in some things, and was commanded by some people that we admire, and we’ll miss Vivaty so much.

I wish that all the Vivaty team will be successful in the future in every thing they do, because for some time they gave us the best of themselves with Vivaty, that had the only defect of the enormous generosity of providing fun for free, and has left an enormous emptiness with their loss in the virtual worlds universe.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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