Koinup Launches 3D Wallpapers Nokia Application

image Koinup has just launched the announced application for Nokia mobile phones on Ovi Store.

The most beautiful images of videogames and virtual worlds, in an application that allows users to set as wallpapers hundreds of virtual worlds screenshots, 3d artworks and avatars pictures.

The application is called  “3D Wallpapers”, and downloads avatar art collections of Koinup directly to all Nokia devices.

Available in the "recommended by Nokia" section of the Ovi Store, The 3D Wallpapers app is the 1st mobile application entirely dedicated to "avatar art" (art inspired by videogames, virtual worlds screenshots, 3d art and virtual photography).

The app allows customers to download on their Nokia devices more than 300 wallpapers, picked by the Koinup staff among the many thousands of images published on www.koinup.com

The 3D Wallpapers users will have the chance to browse a selected collections of avatar artworks, created by 3D artists, and hundreds of amazing videogames and virtual worlds screenshots. 

With this application, Koinup wants to promote avatars and virtual worlds as forms of artistic expression and bring it to the masses. A really enjoyable application to discover for all those citizens of virtual worlds that want to find an always growing universe of art into Koinup.

You can download the app from the Nokia Ovi Store:
More info on the project:

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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