CGAXIS Opened New 3D Model Store Platform

CGAXIS.COM 3D Models Store is new on-line solution for 3D visualisations, animations, games and more. 


All models on CGAXIS.COM are available to instant download, in minutes after payment (accepting Pay Pal & all major credit cards). All products are available in formats like:

*.max - main format used in Autodesk 3DS Max, compatible with version 2008 or higher. Buying one product you will get 3 *.max files: first containing model & materials for Default Scanline Renderer, second containing model & materials for MentalRay and third containing model & materials for VRay.

*.c4d - main format used in Maxon Cinema 4D, compatible with version R10 or higher. One *.c4d file is included in containing model & materials for standard Cinema 4D renderer

*.fxb - this format is compatible with most of 3D apps from Autodesk

*.obj - most popular format, compatible with most of 3D apps

*.jpg - textures & materials format

CGAXIS.COM will be constantly growing and adding a lot of new products soon.


-Jordi R. Cardona-

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