Reallusion: Create Machinima With iClone And Evolver

Reallusion, the award-winning leader of 3D Cinematic tools for consumers, students and professionals, announced today that it has licensed Evolver, the world’s first web-based app which puts high fidelity 3D character creation in the hands of consumers.

Now iClone 4 moviemakers can access an optimized version of Evolver directly from Reallusion's iClone Product Page in order to build their very own custom 3D characters – in just a matter of minutes – and have it drop seamlessly into the iClone pipeline.

This combination of technologies enables novice content creators the ability to create fully animated avatars in a fast and easy way. Combined with the power and ease of use of iClone 4, and the production of high quality 3D animation, computer generated movies no longer require expensive software or extensive training. It’s fast, it's easy and it's fun, with professional tools made simple for the everyday user.

“Since the release of iClone 4 our customers have continued to surprise audiences with absolutely stunning projects,” said Charles Chen, CEO of Reallusion. “We can’t wait to see what will be accomplished now that every iClone user has access to creating high fidelity custom characters – even starting with just a photograph. The options for iClone users are now clearly limitless.”

Brian Nilles, CEO of Evolver, added, “iClone and its extensive and talented user base is a great forum for Evolver technology, and we are pleased to support this pipeline with an embedded Evolver application. The tools that Reallusion has delivered to this community of artists are incredibly fast and enabling, and I believe that Evolver will open up very interesting creative opportunities with this brand new level of customization.”

The user interface is very engaging and straightforward, providing all users with a simple yet robust way to create quality avatars directly online. Avatars can now be created in three easy modes:

• Blank Avatars
• Photo Avatars
• Premade Avatars

Users can now preview the latest addition on Reallusion's website at To start, just create a free account and you are on your way to making your very own 3D avatar.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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