New Magazine About Finnish Games, Freely Available

Games industry is the new flagship of northern Finland. Oulu Games Cluster released a new magazine for interest groups at the Game Developers Conference, San Francisco today. The magazine introduces game companies of northern Finland along with some of their games and their makers.

“In the nineteenth century, Oulu was famous for its tar industry. The end of the 20th century brought along Nokia mobile phones and our town became a noteworthy international concentration of the ICT industry. Now we stand at the beginning of a new era. The next milestone will be crafted from games”, says Ville Wittenberg, the editor-in-chief and CCO of LudoCraft Ltd one of the game companies of the region.

Games are already the number one article in Finnish cultural exports. Oulu is the second most significant centre of games industry in Finland , right behind the capital city region standing in the front line.

Wittenberg continues:
“Pellaaja is a local word for player. We are all united by the passion for games and playing them. We have created new jobs and opportunities for success from our very own dreams. Be the product a new console with a revolutionary interface, the foundation for 3D Internet, or a virtual gaming community for kids, the faith in oneself always lies strong in the background.”

The magazine is freely available online:

Pellaaja magazine includes articles of Ball-IT, realXtend, NoviCraft, Farmind, Pixolane, Tuonela Productions, Petra´s Planet, HappyWise, Belleviews and LudoCraft. Pellaaja is made in co-operation with POEM-Foundation, Oulu Innovation and Invest in Finland.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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