Last Chance For Filter Forge 50% Off

News from Filter Forge. They are currently developing Filter Forge 2.0 -- it's already in the beta testing stage and is due for release in the second quarter 2010.

After the release of v2.0, they’ll be still supporting Filter Forge 1.0 alongside Filter Forge 2.0, but the option of upgrading any Filter Forge 1.0 edition to a higher 1.0 edition will be closed. If you were considering an upgrade to Filter Forge 1.0 Standard or Professional, you can upgrade now at a special price.

Starting today, you can use the last chance to upgrade your Filter Forge 1.0 Basic to Filter Forge 1.0 Standard or Professional at a 50% discount. Under this offer, the special prices for upgrading Filter Forge 1.0 Basic are:

- to Filter Forge 1.0 Standard -- $50 instead of $100, you save $50;
- to Filter Forge 1.0 Professional -- $100 instead of $200, you save $100.

The offer is valid until the commercial release of Filter Forge 2.0. To order an upgrade of Filter Forge 1.0 Basic, click here:


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