Interview: Jason Kennedy, Marketing Manager For Renderosity

Jason Kennedy is the Marketing Manager for Renderosity. In this interview, he introduces us to Renderosity, the art community for 3D modelers, render artists, and in general for everyone that enjoys creating computer-generated art.

Renderosity is one of the most successful and reputed communities for digital artists, and has an huge marketplace for the products they need. But beyond that, it has lots of features that will make you feel at home with others that enjoy doing the same things as you.

Most of the people that are already involved in virtual worlds are also attracted by 3D and render art. So in the future (as already I am doing now), Hiperia3D News will follow closely the activity of Renderosity, announcing coupons, activities, contests, and featuring modelers, gallery artists, and all the enormous activity of this community.

2007 - 2009 by ToxicAngel

- How and when did Renderosity started? Was the concept of the site the same as nowadays?

- Renderosity was started back in late 1998, from a group of 3D modelers that wanted to create a site where they could get together and share questions, tips and images created in their favorite modeling applications - most notably Poser. Since then we have evolved into a rich, robust community and marketplace for all digital artists. Photographers, 2D artists, animators and 3D modelers all have a place here at Renderosity. 

- Some people approach Renderosity  in search of 3D models and 2D resources for their software, but beyond a marketplace, what is Renderosity ?

- A very large community serves as the backbone of the site. Forums, galleries, tutorials, videos and more are available to those digital artists that are looking for something outside of a marketplace solution. We have updated industry news listed on the site to help keep our members and visitors in tune with what is going on in the CG Industry.

2003 - 2005 by MindVision-GDS

- What social features has Renderosity  and how they integrate in the community?

- Aside from the "regular" social features that you would find on a website such as forums and chatrooms - we also offer artist homepages and a gallery voting feature called the Art Charts. We have also launched an industry specific Wiki where people can find and add information about the CG industry as a whole.  In the larger Social Media realm we participate regularly on Facebook and Twitter.  You can find our Social Media links at the bottom of any page on Renderosity.

- In which ways can a render or 3D artist show their art and participate in the community?

- There are a multitude of ways to participate within the community. Members can add their images to our Gallery, upload videos, submit entries for our numerous contests, write blogs, offer tutorials and much more. Membership is always FREE at Renderosity.

1999 by Mec4d [aka Catharina Przezak]

- What features of Renderosity do you think are more appealing for the members?

- With so many options available, it really depends on the member. For those looking to make money with their art, we have one of the easiest to use and comprehensive marketplace consoles in the industry. For those interested in showcasing their art, we have a gallery of over one million images and counting. Those just looking to get into modeling can find many different tutorials and forums - as well as a Free Stuff section where you can download varying models and resources for free.
We work hard to provide a complete experience for digital artists, and we believe that there is something for everyone here at Renderosity. Come see what we're about at today!


-Jordi R. Cardona-

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