Evolver Pro for 3D Professionals- 50% GDC Discount Offer

Darwin Dimensions, the leader in web tools which turn internet consumers into 3D artists, announced today the launch of Evolver Pro designed to deliver superior quality 3D character models to 3D professionals.

During this week’s Game Developer Conference, March 8-12, Evolver Pro is extending a special offer of 50% off of the purchase price of a single model to first time site visitors using the code GDC50.

At EvolverPro.com, users are guided through the creation of a completely unique and high quality 3D character.


The user can start with either a photograph or by choosing a reference model from a library of over 1000 characters, then modify and manipulate facial features, body type and size, texture (skin tone), makeup, hair style and color and clothing and accessories.

Models can be exported in a variety of formats, and/or with specular maps, normal maps, texture maps, blendshapes and full body and facial rigs for detailed body and face animation.

Evolver’s proprietary technology automatically produces a custom animation rig for the face and body of each character born at Evolver Pro. This ensures that it is both ready to animate with motion capture and keyframe animation in any off-the-shelf 3D animation package including Autodesk Maya, Softimage and 3ds Max, and also produces the highest visual quality, artifact free final animation.

"Enabling the world’s 3D professionals and animation students with a dedicated website became on obvious choice for us. At EvolverPro.com, we deliver an optimized experience to a very large group of 3D savvy individuals. Most users have told us that they can barely believe that a web service can enable them to create and rig a character in just minutes – an effort which normally takes professionals weeks or sometimes even months. EvolverPro also positions us to roll out a great deal of advanced functionality targeted exclusively to our professional user base."
-Brian Nilles, CEO of Evolver’s creator – Darwin Dimensions.

In addition to purchasing models for animation, users can select from a range of “pre-tuned” formats including readymade characters for Animeeple™, Mixamo™, Worldviz™, Torque™ by Garage Games™, Gamebryo™ from Emergent™, FaceFX™ from OC3 Entertainment, Blender™ Vastpark™, RealXtend™ and more on the way.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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