ActiveWorlds Welcomes Users users have a double alternative: join Frenzoo or join ActiveWorlds… well, or join both, it’s a possibility, much more fun.


In ActiveWorlds’ site, you can read this:

“Activeworlds is very sorry to hear about the closing of the virtual worlds. We understand what it means to be in a community for many years only to have it go away all of a sudden. You friends that you have made in the world will no longer be accessible to interact with and the many memories you all had will slowly fade away.

ActiveWorlds is offering all dislocated users a free account for 6 months as well as a There world to be managed and run by former There users. In this world you can build the environment to replicate anything you want including your former home.

We feel that while this may not replaced your previous virtual home that it might at least serve as a gathering place where you and your friends can get together again.

If you are interested in participating in being part of this program and being part of the leadership team that will manage the world please contact Tom at and he will be happy to give you more details.

To be eligible for this program you MUST be a There user and will need to provide your user ID as proof. We realize this is very short notice and hope that this may server as a temporary or permanent home for users.” 

Visit the page:

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