Virtual London Grows!

Metaversum, developer of Twinity, the virtual world based on real people and real cities, is adding new areas to the beta of Virtual London on February 3rd. To mark this occasion, members will be greeted with lots of events and new launches.


Berlin, 2 February 2010 – After successfully launching various parts of Central London, the mirror world Twinity is opening up more areas in Virtual London.

These areas will include famous buildings and monuments, from the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace to the Millennium Bridge, and the Trocadero. With this, Virtual London, will have grown to the east and south of its present spread, while also marking a foray across the virtual Thames.

From the 3rd of February onwards, Twinity is celebrating this launch by showcasing the creative expression of its global community. From art exhibitions to live music gigs, all Twinizens will have a chance to display their work to the entire community, receive comments, or link to other websites.

If you want to join the fun and share your talent: Display pictures, put up photographs, host an event, broadcast your film, share your poetry, drop us a line at, and we’ll help you on the road to community stardom.


For those who want to sit back and watch the community at play, Twinity London will be hosting a variety of tours and contests in and around these newly launched parts. For more information on these events have a quick look here:

Twinity celebrates this launch with a special offer: 5 residents and entrepreneurs based in and around the areas mentioned above can win their virtual apartment, office or store at the same address in Virtual London! These spaces will be given away, for free for the next one year, just send your name and real address to and we’ll handle the rest!

This isn’t the end of the expansion! Over the next few months, Twinity will continue to add more buildings, spaces, features and options to Virtual London. Join the Virtual London fan page on Facebook for the latest updates:

The virtual world Twinity is currently in public beta. Register for free membership at and start exploring the world today.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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