Koinup's 3D Wallpapers: Virtual World Photos in Your Mobile

Koinup just announced a big project: 3D Wallpapers, a Koinup mobile app that will bring the most awesome contents of the website and the most amazing images of virtual worlds into Nokia mobile.

This paid mobile app that brings the most amazing virtual worlds screenshots and avatar art collections directly to your Nokia mobile. The app will be soon released on the Ovi Store, the Nokia Mobile Application Store.

All the Koinup members can enter the hall of fame and get their images featured in the app. Join the contests and if you will be picked, your images will be included as wallpapers in the application.

Join these contests to get your photos featured in the app:

Second Life

While waiting for the announcement of the release date, Koinup members, virtual worlds users, 3D artists can join a series of contests that we launched to aggregate the best images / artworks inspired by virtual worlds and to select a few of them for the mobile app. You can read more about the 3D Wallpapers project and about the contests, here.

The Judges for this first round of competitions  are Torley Linden - Linden Lab documentation team, Poid Mahovlich - Koinup blog editor, Luca Spoldi - SLnn.it founder, Simon Newstead - Simon CEO and founder).

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