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Frenzoo has made some improvements in their platform in the last weeks that add very valuable features and make their virtual world stand out.


1. Facebook Connect

New users can now create accounts using Facebook Connect, and avoid the annoyance of creating another user/password. In addition, this ads increased security for you. 

It's a choice for users to decide if they want to connect their real life with their virtual life. So Facebook Connect is optional, and also when you use it you have the option to display real life info (age, name) or not - it's your choice. 

2. Mini-Machinima

This is a really fun little feature, which allows users to take animated snapshots.  Think of it as directing a 3 second machinima video, that your can take with a single click (no extra software needed), and create an animated gif movie.

You may want to check the winners of a special contest, judged by Koinup's CEO, that showed the best works.

3. New Chat System

Now you don't have to have a separate popup to manage, it's all on the page, and accessible via a chat bar on the bottom of every page.  You can jump in, out and between chats and the rest of the site easily, and the chat continues, or close all chats with a button.

4. New Pro 3D creator tutorials

There have been a number of new user tutorials created by the community lately:

If you didn't, test Frenzoo, a new virtual world that in my opinion has a good balance of playability and fun.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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