3DVIA Scenes: Embeddable 3D Scenes

3DVIA is a community for 3D creators very feature-rich. You can read a detailed review by Bruce Lehmann, in this article, to know more about all that you can find there.

Their latest development is 3DVIA Scenes, a very powerful online virtual environment creator that anyone can use to create realistic 3D worlds usable in a web browser.  Only requiring a simple browser plugin, users can drag-and-drop 3D models from our warehouse of over 20,000 models to create realistic 3D scenes. It’s free.


You can add content to scenes in many popular formats, from COLLADA to 3DS and VRML. In addition, users can work together, create and collaborate in the building of a world, and move objects.

All public 3D models are published under Creative Commons License. Keep this in mind if you make your world public. This usually means that people can embed your world in their pages. You just copy an embed code and place it in your website.

You can start your design from some pre-defined base sceneries, and later fill them with your stuff. The environments allow the presence of avatars and chat.

The best feature that 3DVIA Scenes has is that it supports the most popular 3D file formats, so building a world here is as easy as importing them into your scene and placing them. Thus, the reuse of your models can't be easier.


-Jordi R. Cardona-

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