Shapeways Can Now Print 3D In Colors

As I said in the article "The Best For 2010 In 3D And Virtual Worlds", Shapeways is going to give us lots of good surprises for the near future.

They have just released 3D printing in colors. As you will read in their blog, the precision of the 3D printing is quite good, and the material has been improved to make it stronger than other similar 3d printing products.

Here's a video of the process of 3D printing in colors:

To model something to be created in colors, you need to follow some guidelines. You need to export your model to VRML or X3D, and apply a texture map, as explained here. (Another proof of the prevail of VRML)

There's also the possibility of creating things that can be customized when purchased, for example customers can add their own images to your product.

Read the blog entry at Shapeways, and you will find for example an iPod stand, a framed photo, and some fancy marbles that can be customized to show your own images.


This is the less expensive material currently available in Shapeways. If you like its natural color, you can also print models in Full Color Sandstone.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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