Micoy Awarded Global Patent for Multi-Dimensional 3D Immersive Spherical Imaging Technology

This interesting press release tells how Micoy Corporation has patented a new and unique system for immersive spherical 3D environments. With this, the user gets immersed literally inside a movie or 3D creation. This is clearly the future of 3D experiences.

AMES, IOWA – Micoy Corporation, the world’s only provider of true omni-directional spherical 3D immersive imaging technology, today announced that it has been awarded Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) number WO 2206/107934 from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a specialized agency of the United Nations dedicated to promoting the protection of intellectual property around the world. The breakthrough technology enhances current 3D display offerings to become fully enclosed, truly immersive 3D environments for the most realistic viewing possible.

Promotional advertisers, tradeshow marketers, government agencies, movie theatres, videogame developers, entertainment venues and others can leverage the unique experience of Micoy’s truly immersive 3D image format to sell, educate and entertain.

“We are ultimately taking the way people interact with games and 3D entertainment to a whole new level,” said Don Pierce, founder and president of Micoy. “For example, showing a 3D film rendered with Micoy technology allows viewers to be literally enveloped and inside the movie in a 360-degree environment, making the experience incredibly realistic and highly memorable. Some have said that the future of 3D should be as clear as a giant picture window and we want to help you step through that window.”


Rather than compete with current 3D technology, Micoy’s image format is complementary and enhances the viewing experience regardless of which hardware is employed.

With content rendered in the Micoy image format, the 360-degree volumetric stereo separation is mapped in the image itself.  The Micoy rendered content can then be displayed in either a panoramic or dome theater to allow for the truly immersive visuals.  A flat screen is unable to display truly immersive 3D since it does not physically surround the viewer.


Micoy leverages its patented 360°3D technology in three ways:

THE MICOY 360°3D TOOLSET is the world’s first panoramic 3D image format. This powerful software rendering toolset enables the user to create panoramic 3D computer animation from films produced using current 3D industry standard animation software programs such as Maya or 3D Studio Max. The Micoy 360°3D format creates a true 3D environment around the viewer. Through Micoy’s rendering product, any computer animated scene or simulation can be turned into a compelling panoramic 3D experience.

THE MICOY REAL-TIME 360°3D STEREO RENDERING ENGINE, highly anticipated and in current development, will make possible the first-ever real-time panoramic 360°3D stereo engine available commercially. This development will allow users in entertainment, virtual reality simulation, industrial/military training and computer gaming applications to truly experience this engaging format. Micoy is currently accepting key industry development partners to help bring this technology to market.

THE MICOY 360°3D CAMERA is the advanced panoramic 3D digital video camera system currently under development using Micoy’s optical designs. Micoy is also presently seeking development partners for this pioneering project. The ability to record or view an immersive experience in real time will open the door to significant applications previously thought impossible for entertainment, government/military applications and beyond.


Micoy will showcase their ground-breaking 360-3D immersive technology within a dome environment at the next 3D Gaming Summit in April 2010 in Universal City , Calif. Additional screenings are scheduled upon request.


Micoy Corporation is the world’s only provider of true omni-directional spherical 3D immersive imagery. Based in Ames, Iowa, the company licenses its software to content producers and distributors from a variety of markets such as promotional advertising, tradeshow exhibition, military training, feature film, videogames and theme park destinations, to name a few. For more information, please visit www.micoy.com.

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mcfly said...

I just saw Natural City on video: sci fi movie made in Korea. In the first scene: the two are somewhere like an airport and is using a virtual dome to pass the time away!

Jordi R Cardona said...

Yes, at that was a movie from 2003, I see. Seems some things of sci fi slowly come to reality...

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