Introducing Hiperia3D News Facebook Fan Page

In the last times, our site lowered its activity a little because there are some new projects coming. Read to know what's coming up.

One of them is the new Facebook fan page for Hiperia3D News. I encourage you to join as a fan. This page will be a way to get feedback from readers and friends of this site.

Feel free to join and post any suggestions, constructive criticism, or comment anything. I will use that fan page to discuss about the contents that you like and dislike, future changes, and how to make this site more useful for you.

In addition, for this year 2010, there are some other projects. Some are from long time ago, and were delayed because of circumstances.

  • I will open my stores of 3D models for DAZ Studio and Poser, starting with a very versatile vehicle model that will be announced in the next weeks.
  • I may consider collaboration and complementary product design with other vendors at Renderosity and DAZ3D.
  • Awards of excellence will start to be given in diverse 3D areas, for example, "Top 3D World", "Top 3D Software", and many more.
  • I want to get deeper into the organization and shared sponsorship of contests. Currently we have some sponsors, and just need to arrange the infrastructure for voting, judging, and all that. Some premium products of my own store may also be offered as prizes, in addition to those of our sponsors.
  • The machinima group at Koinup has to recover their activity. A very huge number of members posted a much bigger number of videos and I have run into problems to select something. So now my effort is towards making this decision more democratic so the best videos are chosen by votes of the members, and avoid spam at the same time.
  • The main domain, that is now under construction, will be open, and link to different projects that are now disconnected.
  • The current poll in the sidebar has shown some interest for a X3D course. So I will have a section for that. I am also considering to have articles on other technologies like Papervision3D, that have their virtues to make and embed virtual worlds on web pages.
  • As shown in the poll, other contents like worldbuilding tips and cheat sheets will be added, and we need to make more polls and discuss further what kind of developer articles do you want.
  • I may also start offering worldbuilding services in some months (not now, just lack the time!). Platforms covered may go from Papervision3D to X3D, Unity, and 3DXplorer.
  • A 3D world or creation may be featured in a regular basis. There will be 3D-printed models, 3D worlds regardless of the software employed (X3D, P3D, 3DXplorer, Second Life, ActiveWorlds, or any), or any other artistic or technical work in 3D.

All the rest will stay as it is, so more than changes these are additions.

For all these contents, I want to keep a close feedback with the readership (with you who are reading this), and we'll have it using our Facebook page, and of course the comments sections of this site.

Hiperia3D News has proven to have a very loyal and highly qualified readership, and I know that the best way to keep this and improve is to give you what you need, so thank you all and don't hesitate to join and share your ideas:

Facebook fan page for Hiperia3D News

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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