Frenzoo: A World Of 3D Chat & Creation Within Your Browser

Today Frenzoo has been launched their public beta. Join them and start populating this brand new world.


HONG KONG, January 11, 2010 -- Frenzoo Ltd today launches the first global 3d online world with user generated content on the web.  Now in public beta at, the website allows adult and teen users to create an avatar, 3d chat in animated scenes, create and sell fashion & content, all within their Internet browser.

Unlike existing virtual worlds, the new destination does not require a large download or separate program to use.

"You can escape to Frenzoo to meet people and be creative, no matter what country you're from" said Simon Newstead, CEO & Co-Founder of Frenzoo.  "Whether designing stunning outfits for a fashion show, hosting a intergalactic danceparty or speed-dating in a tropical island hideout, we envision Frenzoo as the website to live your virtual dreams.  What's different is accessibility - we want to bring all the fun of 3D without the frustration"

Unique 3d fashion design tool
The site features the first 3d fashion design tool on the web.  The tool lets you make clothes, hair, skin, items and animations easily, without needing design skills or external software.  Frenzoo also supports mod sims and native import from 3D Max as well as Blender, Maya, Google Sketchup, Poser, Milkshape and others via Collada API. 

Global marketplace and virtual economy
Frenzoo features many language versions including English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, Portugese, Dutch among others.   The virtual economy features a dual currency system with both a free Silver Coins and paid & earned Gold Coins.  Gold Coins are able to be traded and sold on leading partner sites such as AnsheX, First Meta Exchange and

Strategic partnership with Anshe Chung
Frenzoo has partnered with leading virtual content producer Anshe Chung Studios, who provide input in product design. They are also one of several content creators who have products for sale on the marketplace.  According to Ailin Graef (Anshe Chung), "Frenzoo has great potential as an accessible 3d world on the web, something missing up to now.  For those making their first jump into 3d avatar chat , Frenzoo is an ideal destination.  We are working closely with the team to realize this vision"

Backing from Ambient Sound Investments, Co-Founders of Skype
Frenzoo has been developed with support from Ambient Sound Investments, established in 2003 as an equal partnership by four founding engineers at Skype Technologies and serving as a seed investment vehicle for high potential startups.

The Frenzoo beta is now live at and is available for anyone aged 13 and up to use.  Frenzoo runs on both Mac and PC platforms, with support for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and other browsers., is the first 3d online world with user generated content on the web.  The destination allows users to create their avatar, meet people & 3d chat in animated virtual scenes, express their style and create fashion & content, all within their Internet browser.  Mod sims and 3d asset import from packages such as 3D Max and Blender are also supported.  The Frenzoo team is based in Hong Kong, and has been developed with seed investment from Ambient Sound Investments, established in 2003 as an equal partnership by four founding engineers at Skype Technologies.  Frenzoo has a partnership with leading virtual content producer Anshe Chung Studios (ACS).  Frenzoo leverages the power of the Unity 3d engine, used by leading entertainment companies such as Electronic Arts and Cartoon Networks.  The lightweight plugin installs in seconds without any reload of the browser, and enables Frenzoo to deliver rich 3D content rendered in hardware, enabling high quality graphics, avatars and animations.

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