AVW's Seminar Series: Send Yours Now!

All members of Association of Virtual Worlds are called to participate in their first SEMINAR SERIES, organizing virtual seminars with the support of the AVW.

This year, 2010, the Association of Virtual Worlds will be launching its first SEMINAR SERIES.
These seminars will be in fact "webinars", virtual (no travel, from your PC) seminars, with a duration of 60 minutes. 

To my knowledge, the first conferences will be done via a conference calling system. But I think you may also alternatively use 3DXplorer or any other platform (Second Life, etc). Remember that the AVW has great headquarters in 3DXplorer. Read the interview with Dave Elchoness to know about them.

Association of Virtual Worlds Headquarters

They look for presenters in all areas related to present and future of virtual worlds.

If you are interested, and are a member of the AVW, send in your title, a brief outline (150 words), and your bio to edita@associationofvirtualworlds.com. If you are not a member, just join (it's free) and do it.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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