Avatara: Create An Avatar In Minutes, Share Everywhere

The creators of Evolver, the world’s first web based tool for building custom 3D character models, have just launched Avatara, a new site designed specifically for social media enthusiasts. Avatara enables fast, easy creation and upload of customized, animated 3D avatars for use on Facebook, Myspace and for instant messaging to friends.

Avatara leverages the core functionality of Evolver, which provides professional 3D animators a cost-and-time efficient way to build custom character and creature models. To bring the excitement of animated 3D characters to the masses, Avatara focuses on consumers, enabling them to produce customized, automatically-animated avatars and push them to social media sites for their friends and colleagues to see — quickly, easily, and at no cost.


Avatara combines ease of use, web accessibility, great looking 3D characters and high quality animated output to take users through a simple process that lets them create their avatar in just minutes. Users can choose from a gallery of over 700 user generated character designs, or mix and match faces, bodies, eye colors, makeup styles, hair styles to produce a 3D model that resembles themselves. They can then choose from a growing number of animated moods and actions to apply to their custom avatar.

"Avatara makes Evolver’s revolutionary technology relevant for a very large audience. We had a growing population of social media enthusiasts on Evolver who wanted to have access to animated avatars because that allowed them to express their moods more artfully. We responded with a customized version that makes it fast, easy and fun for anyone to produce animated emotive avatars."
- Brian Nilles, CEO of Darwin Dimensions, makers of Evolver and Avatara.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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