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These days I went to a 3D cinema in my town to watch Avatar, the movie by James Cameron. As many of you may be curious about this movie, and others may have already watched it and may want to share opinions, here's my review.

The movie tells how humans have reached a planet where they try to exploit a very valued mineral deposit that lies under the home of the Na'Vi, the inhabitants of that world.

Avatar Na'vi by ~mrDExArts on deviantART

In the 3D side, I found it very immersive, not excessive. You don't feel dizzy because of the 3D effects, but have enough depth to feel that you are inside the alien world itself.

It becomes very spectacular on the flying scenes, and also when the main character looks down from a tree, you feel that you could fall. The scenes inside the alien jungle are specially stunning, something very beautiful, with flying glowing spores that you seem to be able to reach with your hands.
When some dragon or giant alien animal turns to you, their heads seem to go out from the screen and reach you.

Find a good 3D cinema with quality 3D glasses and go to see it, you won't be deceived.

In the non-3D side, the movie is facing criticism by some that say that the colors are exaggerated and cheesy. Well, maybe we all are forgetting the real colors of the world in which we live.

Colors in our planet are not the plain gray of concrete and the dust of smoke. In any terrestrial jungle or forest you can see greens deeper than emerald, the skies with no contamination are the deepest cobalt blue.

When far away from cities, the sky shines in an spectacular delight of flashing stars, beyond our solar system, and the Milky Way is a line of glowing smoke and alien suns that casts light in the earth, so you can walk in the night just with its shine.

In the deep sea, squids and jellyfishes have that twinkling ethereal light that you can see in the spores of Avatar, and in many jungles there are animals with blue, red or yellow skins that are brighter than the Na'Vi.

Blue Poison Dart Frog KC Zoo

Amazon Frog. Photo by SexyShirts2.com

Another criticism is against the "ecologist stuff" of the movie. This is the other strong point of this film. The aliens of Avatar reminds us of the native Americans sometimes. There is also some inspiration from the novels of Ursula K. Le Guin ("The Word For Word Is Forest").

Something that the movie can inspire on us, and specially through 3D, as we are immersed inside this story, is the respect for nature, and the real consciousness of what is important and what is not.

The world of Avatar is the work of an enormous list of artists that have conceived a coherent alien world. It is a virtual world that may exist, because all its elements are balanced and the details are carefully built.

Watching the movie in 3D is an awesome experience, and will get you deeper into the sensation of belonging to that world, and you will understand the story much better, and maybe make you think about our own planet and why we should protect was is left.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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