Generation-O-Marketing Partners With Altadyn To Launch Accessible 3D Virtual Collaboration Services

Altadyn, the developer of 3DXplorer®, the first browserbased plug-in-less 3D platform for live collaboration, announced today a new White Label Partner, Generation-O-Marketing, a global full service marketing group.

3DXplorer V5 released recently, enables Altadyn’s partners to build their own branded SaaS applications, using the same platform as Altadyn, and offering value added services to their customers.

"Our offerings are a great fit. 3DXplorer browser-based, download-free and cloud-based technology increases accessibility, scalability, flexibility and reliability while it reduces cost of maintenance. Allied with all 3D virtual collaboration related services offered by Generation-O-Marketing, the combined solution has already been retained by several marketers."
- Darius Lahoutifard, Altadyn's CEO.

This partnership will provide customers with a fully managed yet cost effective 3D virtual solution. Customers will have the choice to use the platform alone as well as to select related services when they need it. "GenerationO has always been forward thinking. We are constantly looking for the latest and most accessible tools in marketing and continuously analyzing the market and related information.
"GenerationO concluded that attendance declining at physical events and virtual events have become the prevailing demand and lead generation techniques. In addition we found that the new generation of executives are not the newspaper reading crowd.

This new generation wants to “show themselves” and “interact”.
Consequently we looked for a 3D interactive and immersive platform that we could add value to and provide quality at a competitive price. 

3DXplorer was an obvious choice since it is the only platform on the market that provides a cloud-based collaboration and quality at a reasonable price.

This partnership will also allow GenerationO to present our offerings to other departments since virtual 3D collaboration is versatile and all departments can benefit from using it. Whether that is HR for employee on boarding, kick off meetings for sales, or product demos for engineering."

-Mercedes Oz, Generation O Marketing's Chief Marketing Generator.

More information on the new service can be obtained here.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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