Filter Forge 50% Off

Filter Forge is 50% for this holidays. You can now get it and save a lot of money. The discounts is also on upgrades!

Filter Forge  is an application that works as a VERY HUGE library of filters and texture generators. If you don't know what Filter Forge is, read our review.

filterforge2A planet generated with Filter Forge

- The holiday discount is 50% - you save up to $150.
- The discount applies to any edition of Filter Forge.
- If you purchase Filter Forge 1.0 now, you can get a free key for the Filter Forge 2.0 beta.

Under this offer, the Basic edition of Filter Forge, aimed at entry-level users, costs $49 instead of $99;

the Standard edition, designed for mainstream graphic artists, $99 instead of $199;

and the Professional edition, targeted at graphics professionals, $149 instead of $299.

Get Filter Forge

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