Explore Media Group announces the release of their 3D demo reel

Explore Media Group is one of the world’s leading producers of 3D content, utilizing the newest and latest technologies, cameras, and software to generate HD quality anaglyph and stereoscopic 3D media.

Explore Media Group is making great strides for the advancement of 3D content with their developments in 3D rigs and Software application methodologies.

Al Caudullo, founder and Managing Director of Explore Media Group, creates eye catching 3D production utilizing a wide variety of professional products. Combined with Tim Dashwood's 3D Toolbox, Final Cut Pro Studio 3, Adobe After Affects, or SpatialView's SVI stereoscopic editor, Mr. Caudullo and his team at Explore Media Group create dazzling 3D creations that appear to jump out at the viewer from the screen...

Read more of this at  3DGUY.TV - 3D DEMO REEL.

Get your red-cyan 3D glasses and  WATCH NOW!

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