DAZ & Gizmoz Merge: Models For Games And Machinima

DAZ3D and Gizmoz have announced their merge and this means something great for modelers, developers and multimedia directors.
DAZ3D is renowned for its high-quality, versatile and compatible 3D content, for Poser, DAZ Studio, Carrara, Vue, and other applications.

Gizmoz has developed proprietary patented 3D and animation technology to let users express themselves by creating realistic 3D characters made from a single face photo. Gizmoz is the leader in 3D face-mapping technology, face manipulation and automatic face detection with several patents and pending patents in this field. Gizmoz provides a central service to design, manage and transport digital avatars that can be deployed in virtual worlds, online games, PC and console 3D games, social networks, video clips, greeting cards, mobile apps, as well as professional modeling and animation tools.
If you are a published artist (modeler) on DAZ, or have an account there (Platinum Club or regular member), or use Gizmoz, there will be no changes for your account. The activities of both companies will continue as they are now.
The news is that it will be possible to buy 3D content in DAZ to use it in realtime 3D. Both companies will develop tools to make low poly versions of the models, and sell licenses to use that content in movies, games, and virtual worlds.
For modelers, this means increased sales and more markets. You will sell not only for users and professionals of art, but also for games, movies and virtual worlds.
This was something announced long time ago, and is now a reality. It is expected that we will see the results of this merge in the first quarter of 2010.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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