Code Craft: The Practice of Writing Excellent Code

Some books tell you how to program in some language. "Code Craft" tells you how to do it well in all computer languages.

image This is another of the titles edited by "No Starch Press" like the one about Blender that I reviewed in September ("The Blender Gamekit").

This time, this is a computers programming book, "Code Craft", that is not focused to a specific discipline or computer language. All that you learn from it can be applied to any language, let it be Pascal, Java, C, or whatever.

The author, Pete Goodliffe, is an expert developer with many years of experience at many positions in the chain of software development. His book is then written from a practical point of view and from all that he learned in his professional career.

The book assumes that you have a solid knowledge of programming. It doesn't want to tell you how to program, but it will tell you how to do it well.
This means: make bug-less software, and that is robust, and gives you satisfaction and no problems.

"Code Craft" also tells you something that you couldn't learn in your studies: how to efficiently work in the software industry. Skills like working in a team, making code that is documented in a way that others can understand... These skills will help you, as the book says, to "survive in the software factory".

Even the human factor has its own chapters in this book, when it tells you how to recognize some kinds of programmers in your team, and what you can learn from them. And if you feel that you belong to one or more of these groups, it tells you how to improve and take advantage from your virtues, and how to avoid your flaws.

Not only an instructive book,  its pages are also full of sense of humor, with some comic strips that programmers will enjoy.

Reading "Code Craft" you will learn the practical side of programming into the real world of a team. All phases and facets of application programming are described: comments, documentation, optimization, design patterns and disciplines, team organization, development tools...

This book is for you if you want to work as a professional programmer in the software industry. It will save you from being fired or being a pain for your team, or at least will help you to avoid that. 

It is also good if you are part of an open source development team, to learn how to work together with others, reduce bugs in your code, and make code that can be easily understood by an always changing and huge team of programmers.

Even if you are a "lone wolf" programmer, this book is also for you, because it will reduce your headaches: it will tell you how to spend more time developing and less time fixing bugs and security holes.

Find "Code Craft" in the No Starch Press website, both in paper and in e-book, and have also a look to their catalog. You will find many titles about computer programming.

"Code Craft" is also available on Amazon. It is a BIG book, 580 pages including the indexes.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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