Step UP! Campaign: Help Stop Content Theft In SL

Step UP! is a campaign against the wholesale theft of sims and content in Second Life.

The Content Creators Association organizes a campaign in magazines, TV, Internet media and inside Second Life to stop theft of content and make people think about the value of intellectual property.

Toxic Menges has made this machinima to help the campaign:

There will be a special celebration day,  that will be November 5. In that day, that will be called "Step Up! Day", no one will upload textures to the Grid.

This is to call the attention of Linden Lab on this problem and make a display of the power of content creators.

The day will end with bonfire parties all around the sims that help in the campaign. Feel free to organize your own festival or party of "Step Up! Day".


  • If you're a blogger, blog about this, against content theft.
  • If you're an artist or machinima director, create something to express the problem, to encourage people to join the campaign.
  • As a land owner, place a kiosk of Step Up! propaganda and organize parties for November 5.
  • As a citizen of Second Life, wear the orange ribbon as a sign of support for creators. There are also backpacks, notes, and info to distribute and give to your fiends or everyone you know.


You can get it for free at XStreet here:

Or in-world at: Prim Perfect Main Offices, The Primgraph Press and Designing Worlds Studio (just follow the signs from the landing point to the DW studios and you’ll find it).


You can visit the official blog of the campaign and follow its RSS Feed. (Don't know what RSS is? Read this)

Official blog:
RSS Feed:

There's also a community at Ning. Join it and also go to the groups tab so you can join some and use your skills or area of knowledge to help creators:


Don't upload any texture on the next November 5. Wear the ribbon, and join the parties of that day.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

© by Jordi R. Cardona. Link to this post without copying the text.

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