Our Twitter Lists Just Founded: 3D Art, VRML/X3D, 3D Modeling, Virtual Worlds

Twitter is launching a beta feature called List that will serve as groups to put twitter users with some interest in common together.

I have just founded some for my use, but feel free to join them, follow them and make yours.

If you make or have some group related to 3D, virtual worlds, 3d modeling or 3D art, just let me know so I can join, and say it in the comments so more can join too.

@hiperia3d/art-in-3d -- For 3D art

@hiperia3d/vrml-x3d -- For X3D and VRML

@hiperia3d/worldbuilding -- For general worldbuilding

@hiperia3d/modeling-3d -- For 3D modeling

@hiperia3d/virtual-worlds -- For virtual worlds

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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