The Activeworlds 2009 Community CY Awards

MaxPoly of Virlands has sent this news to be published here at Hiperia3D News. The CY Awards for 2009 are coming, and you can't miss this important and fun event in ActiveWorlds.

If you are on the Association of Virtual Worlds, you can also visit the associated event here. If you like you can also read our chronicle of the last year's CY Awards.

The Activeworlds 2009 Community CY Awards

  The days are getting colder and the season is changing while the Ballroom floors are polished and the stage is readied for you. The time has come once again for Activeworlds Citizens to shine and show what and who we are as a living vital community with ingenuity and love, artistic and outrageous creativity, that one year before we may not have had the tools or knowledge to achieve.

  Now we come together to share and choose the best of the best of what the Activeworlds Citizen Community has accomplished as we Nominate and Vote for our CY Award Winners. Come experience the excitement and joy of this auspicious community base process and Awards Ceremonies. Nominate, Vote, Dance and Enjoy the presentations and the shows related to this Gala event the likes of which you have not experienced before.

  It is hard to believe that it has already been a year since 2008 Activeworlds' Community Cy Awards Event took place with it's amazing fireworks and Ball with realistic dancing. The spirits ran high and all the love for and of Activeworlds Citizens shone brightly from building and feeding itself through out the Ceremony and into the after party. It was the event of all events for the community and all were thrilled and ignited by the energy that filled the Cy event world.

  Yet it is "Cy Time" once again. The excitement is already building as this year will bring to all more community involvement, more entertainment, more shows and related events in addition to the already awesome Cy Awards process and Ceremony. Join us as we become a closer knit fun-loving community through participation and play for the love of all Activeworlds has to offer us and we to offer Activeworlds as a community of citizens, friends, guests and future citizens of this awesome Virtual Reality platform.

  This years events take on new heights as we forge ahead, "Linking To The Future" and bridge new doorways and barriers across the world and internet. The Activeworlds Community is the heart and soul of this fantastic ceremony and the feelings it creates opens new experiences and delights of the mind. With the advent of the Custom Avatar (CAV) system, this year all members have a chance to participate and nominate there own best or favorite (CAV) creation, representing every one as there own entry in the Cy Awards as Best Avatar.

  All Categories are considered as an integral part of the Activeworlds systems, not just the creation of the 3d environment, but all supported ways of adding much more capability to every users adventures and experiences. Some of the best ideas come from using the ingenuity of the mind to meet challenges ahead of the needs.

  Our 2009 Cy Awards Categories List many of these endless uses of the great Activeworlds Browser System. Categories Are as the Following: 

-Best Build    
-Best Event
-Best Leader  
-Best Software
-Best Avatar
-Best Community or Town
-Best Interactive Game
-Best Media Presentation
-Best Website
-Best Bot Design
-Best Effect
-Best Landscaping
-Best Object Design
-Best World
-Write in is

All citizens are encouraged to participate and make this your Cy to remember.

  This years Cy Awards Events starts like the past with the Nominees Ball, the week before the awards, presenting awesome music from the team at PKToons.Com Radio and great dancing in the Cy Spirit Ballroom. This year is a new live show line up by our own citizen members. Starting off the awards ceremony is a live performance from AW member "Bradly", and followed by our very own members "AWTeen World Fashion Show" then the 2009 Cy Awards Ceremony.
Following the Awards begins the Winners Ball with endless great music, dancing, and friends all gathered back in the Cy Ballroom once again.

This year the Extended Ball continues with more great music, live shows and concerts in the days after. Featuring our own Virtual Live Band "Aztec Rising" and friends and another wonderful musical artist "OneSummer" of AWVR Radio.
We encourage all to attend and be part of the living ActiveWorlds Spirit.

The Activeworlds 2009 CYAwards World schedule:

Nominations Open: October 16, 2009
Nominations Close: October 26, 2009
Voting Opens: November 1, 2009
Voting Closed: November 9, 2009
CY Nominiees Ball:
(Party for Everyone) November 7, 2009 @ 1PM Vrt.
CY Awards Pre Ceremony Show: November 14, 2009 @ 9PM Vrt.
CY Awards Presentations: November 14, 2009 @ 10PM Vrt.
CY Winners Ball: After the Awards Ceremony.
CY Extended Ball: November 15, 2009
Live Concert: by "Aztec Rising": November 15, 2009 @ 4PM Vrt.
Live Concert: with "OneSummer": November 17, 2009 @ 4PM Vrt.

  Activeworlds is the first and foremost virtual platform to enjoy the best fun, friends, entertainments and experiences the 3D internet has to offer. We look forward to your visit and the chance to make a new sensation in your heart, mind and virtual soul.

Find us at
See Ya at the Cy's. :)

Don't miss it!

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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