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3D Tutorials and cool 3D articles, good for developers. This is a selection of links to articles in blogs that are in Dzone. If you use Dzone, give them some votes.

Away3D Basics 6 - Bitmap materials

Demo of Away3D to set materials


Making a 3D Engine in jQuery

Walks through the making of a 3D engine using JavaScript and jQuery.

3D Sphere Using jQuery

Ever wanted your tag cloud to resemble a ball? Of course you did. This tutorial will walk you through how to create a Sphere in jQuery.

O3D Programming Tutorials - Primitives and Materials

This free tutorial shows you how to work with primitive 3D objects and apply a simple bitmap material. Demo and source code included.

O3D Programming Tutorials - Terrain Demo

Learn how to create 3D terrain with the Google O3D plugin and this free tutorial. Demo and source code included.

Flash Papervision 3D - 3D Animation Using Cube Class | Part 1

Its a nice 3D rotation type of effect, you can say it a sort of 3D animation. The cube will rotate around the camera according to your mouse movements, to give an illusion of 3D rotation.

Away3D Lite 1.0 released

3D in Flash taken to the next level!

Five3D Programming Tutorials - Drawing

Learn how to draw Five3D 3D shapes at runtime. Demo and source code included.

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