VRML/X3D Recent News August-September 2009

Last month there were some news about VRML and X3D. You can see VRML is not dead, still.

AccuTrans 2.11.5 Released

AccuTrans 3D  has made some changes to improve its interface and added some other features that may be of value for VRML users. Remember that AccuTrans is only $20, and allows to convert 3D models between lots of file formats. You can read a previous review of Accutrans here.

accutrans 3d file model convertor

Google Sketchup as a VRML authoring tool

Days ago, the amazing worldbuilder Tito published an article on Sketchup Pro used as a tool for building VRML sceneries. Read it to discover the possibilities of this tool for VRML authoring, on WBandD.

Picture by Mikelo

New VRML Creator features in 3D Planets

3D Planets announced in our community, WBandD, the following:

"As 3D Planets continues to grow and expand we are continually adding new features to help keep our community interesting and fresh.

We are pleased to announce that we have now opened a new area for 3D Item creators called the "Nebula" where members who upload 7 or more items can have their own separate store to showcase their work!"

3D Planets is a community based on Blaxxun with more than 12,000 members. Read more in WBandD.

View3DScene 3.4 release - advanced texturing

Kambi VRML Game Engine continues improving and now it's the turn for its VRML and X3D viewer, View3DScene. It has incorporated some stunning effects for texturing like:

  • All X3D multi-texturing nodes implemented
  • All X3D cube map nodes implemented
  • All X3D 3D texture nodes implemented
  • RenderedTexture node is implemented: a texture rendered from a specified viewpoint.

  • New extensions to easily make projective texturing and shadow maps within your VRML/X3D worlds.

  • Anisotropic texture filtering

cubemap kambi vrml game engine

Also, NURBS support both for X3D and VRML has been implemented. Seems that ViewScene and Kambi Game Engine are the implementations of VRML and X3D that have the biggest number of graphical features implemented.

I think Kambi VRML Engine is turning in one of the most stunning VRML/X3D viewers and engine out there. Read the interview to its creator.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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