Videos From Web3D 2009: New Camera Modes For X3D

This is a series of videos from the last Web3D 2009 Conference that show some of the speakers talking about the new camera nodes for X3D that are being proposed mainly for machinima.

Seems that the Consortium and its associates has taken interest in machinima and use of X3D for things like that. There is also another topic in the end of this list, a proposal for a markup language for avatars.

Let's hope that they include these things in less than 10 years, and that the new camera modes are versatile enough to make possible a decent 3rd person view and distinguished from NavigationInfo so multiuser avatars can be entirely coded in X3D without dying in the attempt.

Session 5: Beyond Viewpoint: X3D Camera Nodes for Digital Cinematography - Jeffrey D. Weekley, Don Brutzman

Session 5: Towards a new Camera Model for X3D - Yvonne Jung

Session 5: Interactive stories on the net: a model and an architecture for X3D worlds - Efrem Carnie

Session 5: ADML: A framework for representing inhabitants in 3D Virtual Worlds - David Oyarzun

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