MixED 7th Exhibition: VRC By Funmaker

MixED will celebrate their 7th exhibition in Virtual Reality Chat by Funmaker. It is a chat application with game elements that consists both in client and server.

The client runs in Windows and Linux (tested on Ubuntu). It is very easy to install on Windows, just download the program and run it. It is very intuitive and the settings are simple, and looks great.

VRC By Funmaker

This application is free for non-commercial usage, due to licensing issues, although the source code core is LGPL.

VRC Supports text and voice chat. It has dynamic shadows and music and sound effects.

You can watch more screenshots of VRC in MixED.

The meeting will be on Saturday September 5 evening (GMT), and also on day 4 you may find someone there. Don't forget to install the VRC application, it just takes some seconds.


-Jordi R. Cardona-

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alain said...

Merci Jordi,
and merci too for VRC ,
it is another good chat :)

Jordi R Cardona said...

You are doing a good work promoting the different technologies for 3d chat, Alain, Isa and all MixED.

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