LudoCraft's Virtual Expo: Spherical Virtual Worlds Based On realXtend

Virtual Expo is a virtual world created within Tila - Spaces and Places programme coordinated by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.
Virtual Expo is created by the game studio LudoCraft which is also one of the main developers of realXtend.

"By getting to know the Virtual Expo, exploring its exhibitions, having meetings with avatars and participating in seminars one gets a personal experience of the possibilities that 3D graphics and sound have in improving communication and the immersive experience. The world can be created into an open online exhibition where companies can update their material in real time."

The new concept of Virtual Expo is that the worlds are spherical, not flat.

"In general virtual worlds have been flat so the challenge of creating a sphere was taken up.
As a shape it is technically challenging, especially creating a natural movement within it. Virtual Expo has succeeded in this.

The space is built up as a large sphere, inside of which the user moves with an avatar by either flying or walking.

Virtual Expo is not only a 3D modeling of reality but a vast space offering immersive experiences. It challenges and changes the entire concept of space.

There are waterfalls, autumn leaves, ice cubes - the seasons change as the user moves on the surface and comes across exhibition material and other users’ avatars."

Virtual Expo uses open source virtual world technology: it's built on the open source virtual world platform realXtend.

Also essential in Virtual Expo is the global avatar created in realXtend. Avatars can be easily moved between different worlds.

Instructions for creating a user account and getting to know Virtual Expo:

I will try to take some screenshots to show you these days, for now have a look to these others from realXtend and other works from LudoCraft.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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