DAZ 3D Web Exporter: Your Models In Any Web Page

Now you can embed your DAZ Studio models inside a web page, using a Java application that generates the needed code.

3D Web Exporter is a plugin for DAZ Studio.

Here's an example. Drag and use the controls to examine the model.


  • Publish 3D Content Straight to Your Artzone Account
  • Export to Java or Flash Based Formats
  • Embed 3D Models Directly Into Web Pages
  • Bake to a Texture Mapped Model for Quick Viewing in 3dsom Flash Viewer
  • Dynamic Relighting for High Quality Real-Time Rendering in 3dsom Java Viewer
  • Models are Encrypted and Highly Compressed

3D Web Exporter Plugin For DAZ Studio

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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