Altadyn Conferencing Product Enables Large Number Of Attendees

The new 3DXplorer Conferencing Product enables over 100 participants in a 3D room, with just a browser, no download required.


Altadyn, the developer of 3DXplorer, the first browser-based plug-in-less 3D platform for synchronous collaboration, today announced the release of its new product, 3DX/Conferencing, with immediate availability.

Tailored for large virtual 3D conferences, easily accessible to attendees with no download, the new product has been tested successfully with 100 avatars on mainstream infrastructure, with standard office computers.

3DX/Conferencing can be used even far beyond this number, with infrastructures offering higher bandwidth and stronger computers.

Important cost reductions and time savings are now possible when corporations organize meetings and conferences with large numbers of attendees such as New Product Launch Meetings, Seminars, Sales Kick-off meetings, HR On-Boarding, Corporate Trainings, Social Events and more.

3DXplore platform is the most accessible 3D web platform, as it runs on all computers including Macs, with any browser, and unlike other solutions, it does not require any software download, nor any open port, thus enabling participation from attendees behind firewalls and from restricted IT environments.


3DX/Conferencing features include:

• Large Numbers Of Avatars Using Only Standard Office PCs & Bandwidth:
- Multi-user session with instant messaging and/or integrated VOIP
- laser pointers to engage & direct attendees
- seated pose to watch presentations

• Multiple avatar categories:
- high resolution VIP avatars, typically used for presenters;
- low resolution Guest avatars, typically used for guests attending large conferences

• Manage Your Virtual Conferences Easily:
- includes set-up tool with preset time-zones, password options, invitation creator, etc.
- includes meeting tracker that logs meetings and meeting attendees

• Desktop & Application Sharing:
- share an entire desktop at any resolution, and show slides, an Excel sheet or a web page to the
audience, or display any application within 3D spaces

• Bring Your Products & 3D Objects Into The Room:
-use for product launch, product demos, equipment training, sales kick-off, etc.

• Multi-Presenter Functionality:
- share & display multiple screens & applications simultaneously

• Enlarged Presentation View:
- select any shared screen to view presentations in an enlarged pop-up window

• Create Fully Customized 3D Spaces:
- replicate training facilities, corporate headquarters, classrooms, conference rooms, etc

To read more about 3DX/Conferencing:

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