3DXplorer V5 Takes 3D Live Collaboration To The Cloud

3DXplorer has reached its V5 version and is now online for everybody since today.

Altadyn, the developer of 3DXplorer®, the first browser-based plug-in-less 3D platform for live collaboration, announced today full release of 3DXplorer version 5, available immediately online.


3DXplorer V5 is a major release bringing unique, first-of-its-kind and innovative features to the growing web3D market.

New Features Include:

  • Over-the-Cloud Distributed Resources: efficient, reliable, flexible and secure cloud-based network architecture.
  • For the first time, an immersive and interactive web3D platform is offered on a cloud-based architecture.
    Cloud-based architectures reduce cost of maintenance, increase scalability, flexibility and reliability. Security is also improved as customers benefit from an easy to maintain SaaS application, while hosting sensitive data internally and inaccessible from outside the firewall. Another benefit of this architecture is increased performance due to the user-defined relay servers.

  • New Applications :  3DXplorer V5’s new packaging enables customers to start with the 3DX/Platform, free of charge, then upgrade to applications such as 3DX/Online Meeting, 3DX/Meet in 3D or 3DX/Conferencing, depending on their needs.
    Finally, 3DXplorer V5 integrates the recently announced new product 3DX/Conferencing under the same user account and the same interface, together with existing products 3DX/Online Meeting and 3DX/Meet-in-3D.

  • White Label Software: for marketing partners and includes increased possibilities for customizations.
  • 3DXplorer V5 offers Altadyn’s partners the capacity of building their own branded SaaS applications, using the same platform as Altadyn, and offering value added services to their customers.
    Initial users of this white label SaaS are Altadyn’s content provider partners and 3D builders.

  • Avatar improvements: additional choices and categories of avatars, capacity for more than 100 avatars simultaneously in a single space.
    V5 avatars can now be represented in two levels of resolution: low poly (or low-resolution) avatars, adapted for large conferences, or high poly (or high resolution) avatars adapted for smaller groups.

  • Intranet installations with unlimited number of rooms (3DX/Enterprise Edition).
  • Customers around the world, can now easily setup their own local intranet or web servers relaying their meetings live, faster than global servers.

3DXplorer being browser-based with no download required, enables users to collaborate live, leaning on their set of distributed resources. Primary resources which can each be on a different server on the cloud are:

  • The application: 3DXplorer
  • Static data including the 3D space, and all related 2D/3D content
  • Dynamic synchronized data including the multi-user session service, the streamed data server for presentations, remote access, the chat server.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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