NetIDNow WebStudio: Create An E-Commerce Site In Minutes

Building a website is not something easy for everyone, and if we think in building a online store or a serious website with plenty of features, it becomes a really hard task.

To make a complex website like those described, you may need many things: a domain name, web space, knowledge of programming and HTML, maybe install some CMS... And for an e-commerce site, the complexity grows because of inventory, shopping chart, maintenance...

NetIDNow gives you the solution to start your website or online store in minutes, and it's called WebStudio.

WebStudio is a website builder, an application that saves you from coding or hacking css, html, and all that. Instead, it makes easy to add images, flash, create content... In addition, you also get an easy way to add flash animations, chat rooms, message boards, and many other advanced features to your site.
To design your site you can build your custom theme or get one from the gallery, that has lots of them, all professional-looking.

netidnow website builder ecommerce solution
Some of the themes of WebStudio. You can also create your own.

Other services included with WebStudio are website hosting, email accounts, search engine submission, webmail with spam filtering, web marketing center, email forwarding, site statistics...
This is: everything you need in just one place, no need to purchase lots of services, all together with NetIDNow.

For e-commerce, starting at a very low price ($39.95), you get an integrated shopping chart with shipping calculator, and tools to set up your inventory and manage it. See a complete list of features here.

The shopping chart is compatible with 35 different payment methods and gateways (including PayPal).

With WebStudio, is is now possible to create a website at amazing speed, with all the features that you need.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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That was very easy to do. I created my own e-commerce site in just few minutes. I'm glad I saw your website.

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