3DXplorer V5 Is Out, And The New Enterprise Edition

3DXplorer has reached their V5 and the new features are exciting. If you didn't, go and test it.

3dxplorer v5 virtual collaboration platform

More and more businesses and professionals choose 3DXplorer as their platform for virtual collaboration.

Some of the new features are:

  • Cloud-based network architecture
  • More choices and categories of avatars,
  • 100 avatars simultaneously in a single room
  • Enterprise edition enabling intranet installations
  • White label services for sales & marketing partners

Go and read about the new 3DXplorer V5 in their blog.

Altadyn also today announced the release of its new product line, 3DXplorer Enterprise Edition, with immediate availability. All 3DXplorer SaaS based products are now also available for installation on corporate servers behind the firewall.

The new platform has the following practical 3D Applications:

• Enterprise Social Networking - provide an immersive networking and socializing tool that keeps private communications behind your firewalls

• Enterprise Conferencing in 3D - import 3D products into your virtual rooms for
collaborative product development meetings, or display confidential strategic presentations in an immersive 3D environment without sending your data into any public internet network

• Enterprise Training & Simulations in 3D - develop interactive synchronous training environments and deploy training sessions to everyone within your organization securely

• Enterprise eLearning - add powerful interactive 3D to your Learning Management System and keep all courses and information confidential

• Enterprise 3D Events - host unlimited number of Webinars and virtual events

If you're interested, read more about the Enterprise Edition:

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