WBandD On Facebook

WBandD now has a Facebook fan group. You can join and show your love for this community and also use it to discuss  about it on Facebook.

WBandD on Facebook is an extension of this worldbuilders community into Facebook. 

WBandD is a community of people that build virtual worlds and develop using these technologies, from worldbuilders and 3D modelers to programmers that build client-server software platforms.

WBandD is mainly focused to VRML, X3D and related technologies, but any other is also welcome, as many techniques and discussions are applicable to any virtual worlds platform.

I am the co-administrator of WBandD, which was founded by the main administrator Bruce Lehmann, an expert into 3D and everything related.  Feel free to comment and ask anything here or there. Also read the interview with Bruce Lehmann that was published here.

If you are on Facebook, come and join us into the exciting discussions.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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