VRML News. Yes, And This Is Not 1997

We said in a previous post that VRML is not dead. Surprisingly, it still rocks and is having a re-birth that can be seen in news related to this language that appear.

Need more? These are the facts:

  • The increasing presence of VRML on Twitter.
  • The arrival of ExitReality as a solution for virtual worlds.
  • The proposal for Google's O3D to give some support for X3D and VRML instead of creating another proposal got one of the most voted.
  • The existence of companies that design VRML worlds for companies and institutions.

And of course, these news that are the proof that it is still rocking:

Calling all Creators of X3D Content

Read the news here. Remember that you have until this Friday July 17, 2009 to send your proposal and show it on SIGGRAPH (New Orleans).

abnet rick kimball

"If you have AMAZING, COMPELLING and INNOVATIVE cross platform X3D or VRML content, you may be invited to be a speaker to discuss and demonstrate your products at our Web3D Tech Talk. You will have 10 minutes to present your work and the tools used going from your concept to the final product."
- From the press release.

ABNet V3 Is Out

Recently, ABNet V3 free Multiuser Server was launched. The new Chat client plugin is based on Flash technology.

abnet vrml worlds

Although it only works on Internet Explorer, the plans of Rick Kimball is to make it compatible with other browsers and operative systems. And, certainly, Flash is the way to go.

Visit Abnet at: http://vrmlworld.net/

VRMLPad  3.0

What’s New in v. 3.0:
-  VrmlPad 3.0 is Certified for Windows Vista (TM)
- Full UTF8 support: Now VrmlPad allows to view and edit multilanguage characters.
- Preview in separate window: To preview a VRML scene or individual nodes VrmlPad provides wrapper window for VRML-viewer clients.

VRML On Google Chrome

The upgrade from version of 2.1 (2.0) to v. 3.0 is free, you can just download and install a new version of VrmlPad 3.0 over existing version:

The upgrade from v. 1.3 or earlier versions: 99.95 USD (regular price), 49.95 USD (academic price).

VRMLPad has lots of features for edition of VRML files, and has been the main editor for many people for ages.

Paralell Graphics are the makers of Cortona VRML viewer that works on Firefox and Internet Explorer and office applications (Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, etc).

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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