New ZBrush Plugins For 3D Printing: Optimization, And VRML Export

ZBrush recently launched new plugins that are good for 3D printing with services like Shapeways: one for optimization of meshes, and the other to export in formats suitable for 3D printing.


Modeled with Zbrush. Photo by

You can get the new plugins here. Decimation Master optimizes the 3D mesh without removing the details, and 3D Print Explorer is to add STL and VRML file format export to ZBrush.

First you optimize your mesh and then export it SLT or VRML (again, VRML is not dead), and upload it to Shapeways to print it in 3D.

To read more about this, read this post on the Shapeways blog.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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Dena Yard said...

I will try this application for my 3D printing. I can't wait to use this for my project. But I still need more tips on how to do 3D printing since this is my first time.

offset printing

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