Marcaria Network: Unified Trademark And Domain Registration

The first steps that you should take when starting your business activity is to register your trademark and your online presence so it is not taken by anyone else.


This is a vital step in which you may get lost without guidance. This is where Network comes to the rescue, providing you of all the services that you need.

With ease and quickly, you can get registered your trademarks Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania, all them are covered by Marcaria.

They have many years of experience with private and public institutions and businesses, and can help you to protect your trademark and register  your domain names.

The best of all, you can manage both things, the trademarks and domains, from the dashboard of your account in Marcaria.

When dealing with trademark registration Europe can be very slow and add extra difficulties to the process. Leaving this in the experienced hands of this company, and doing it from your office without having to stand in line for hours, is something that you'll value for sure.

The company has a big number of expert Intellectual Property Attorneys in all the supported countries, that can give you the best advice in the process.

Previous to the registration of your trademark and domains, you can purchase a study in which these Attorneys will analyze your specific case. You can also get certificates of your trademark registry.

The website is extremely easy to use, and prices are not hidden at all. You get lots of info on every aspect of the registration possibilities. You can even check the list of Attorneys that they have and read their resumes in pdf.

They give you protection of your trademark both locally and worldwide. More than 180 countries are supported for all the services that Marcaria offers. No one knows more about European Union Trademarks, and all other countries' trademarks.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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