Create Your 3D Printed Stylus For Your PDA With Shapeways

Keen on its pursuit of constantly having fresh and easily customizable products for their community, Shapeways has expanded its creator series and introduced their new Stylus Creator.


With your very own personalized stylus you can say goodbye to the boring grey factory standard stylus that is packaged with your everyday on the go portable electronics devices such as handheld video game machines, tablet PCs and PDAs. Now with the Stylus Creator you can have within the palm of your own hand, a stylus that lives up to its very own name. Unique and 100% personalized, you can own a one of kind item that can make your tasks of navigating through menus both fun and stylish.


There are multitudes of ways to make your Shapeways stylus customizable and have it be what you want it to be. From either entering your initials or by choosing your own desired template which includes a Wii control-shaped design, you can make your stylus something that fits your certain look and aesthetic. And to make it simply one of a kind, Shapeways uses the technique of 3D printing in metal to ensure that your stylus will have optimal quality and will last a lifetime.


The price of a custom metal stylus is $29.50 (including shipping and excl. VAT. However Shapeways is situated in Europe so no VAT is being charged). Shapeways is also offering three white plastic design styluses for $25, since these handy items tend to get lost!

"Shapeways is always looking to provide the highest level of quality via the latest technologies for its users.
So our new Stylus Creator is perfect for tech-savvy and design-loving users as it brings exciting custom design to such an intensively used tool."

-Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO of Shapeways.

To create your very own personalized Stylus, visit the Shapeways Stylus Creator main site at:

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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