Shapeways' 3D Parts Database: Download And Use Free 3D Mechanical Parts

Shapeways introduces the first ever 3D print-ready gadget offerings. In an effort to offer easy and accessible 3D design and printing to their users and community members, Shapeways is happy to announce the opening of its 3D parts database, all of which can be downloaded and used for free. 

free 3d model parts

The database consists of easily adaptable shapes and parts such as gears, hinges, springs and axles all of which speeds up the process of 3D design and printing. All of the parts found in the 3D parts database have met the stamp of approval by the Shapeways team, guaranteeing that all parts of have been tested for tolerance, accuracy, orientation and appearance.

In keeping with the spirit of community that Shapeways continues to do with their products, the 3D parts database will not only see parts developed by the Shapeways team but also from the community of artists and designers that continually design and print 3D objects via Shapeways’ 3D printing.

"We are always looking for new ways to make 3D design and printing more accessible for everyone.

We found that especially mechanical parts are sometimes difficult to design right. By offering what are essentially the building blocks for 3D design to users through our new database, it will now be easier than ever for users to create and print their own custom designs that work to their exact specifications."

- Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen.

Check out the 3D database here:

About Shapeways:

Shapeways, the world's first 3D co-creation community, brings design to life with cost effective, high quality 3D printing. For seasoned 3D designers advanced upload-to-print tools are available. Shapeways encompasses a diverse community of artists and enthusiasts they engage in for instance collaborative creation and selling their 3D designs as products through the unique Shapeways Shops, an international marketplace for consumer created 3D printed products. For all creative consumers Shapeways is redefining Do-It-Yourself by connecting them to the latest in micro production with easy to use click-and-drag product customization. This software is called Creators, easily allowing you to personalize for instance the Lightpoem, Ringpoem, Stampmaker, Fruitconfession and Photoshaper. Shapeways is spinning out from the Lifestyle Incubator of Royal Philips Electronics, located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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