Scale Your 3D Models For Poser Or DAZ Studio

Download these reference models for any 3D application (OBJ) and for Anim8or. They will help you to model for DAZ and Poser with the right scale.


poser daz studio scale models 3d victoria michael horse Some of the models as seen inside Anim8or

When modeling objects for Poser or DAZ Studio, you may need some reference to scale your model to the human figures used in those applications. Better than scaling down your models, model them from the beginning at the right scale, using the files of this package.

Open them in your favorite 3D application. They are provided in OBJ file format and also for Anim8or modeler. They are very simplified meshes, with relatively low polygon count. They are not valid at all for any use, they are made thinking in using the minimal resources so you can add them to your project while you model or scale without slowing down your computer.

OBJ Files:

These are for use in any 3D application that supports OBJ (most of 3D apps do).

Anim8or File:

Open this file in Anim8or, and go to the "Object" menu. There you will find the figure sets, for M3, V3, M4, V4, an Elephant and a horse. They are colored in weird colors so you can distinguish them well from the figure that you're modeling.

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