Life On Line: Features New AI Technology - Milo

The new episode of Life On Line is out.

"Life On Line is proud to support two very worthy causes. The Friends Fighting Cancer who have tirelessly worked to raise money for the Relay For Life, a global cancer research fundraiser staged in the virtual world Second Life.
And Amnesty International has recently appointed the extremely hard-working Amy Cross as their global Online Coordinator to campaign in support of Amnesty International through the internet.

Both are featured in the current edition of Life On Line.

We also take a closer look at remarkable new virtual technology – a digital artificial intelligence called Milo, created by Lionhead Studios.

Musically, Shakti Cianci of SpaceJunky introduces the victor of the recent Sony Remix contest. We showcase the music video by Metaphysics from Germany." (PR of the new episode)

As you know, Life On Line partnered with us. So if you look in our sidebar, you'll find the Life On Line latest episode. When a new episode is launched, it will be automatically updated and you'll be able to watch it here in your favorite 3D site, Hiperia3D News.

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